Developer and Game Maker — Ed Garabito.

Former Communications, Marketing & Bizdev guy.

Hi! I'm a Junior Programmer currently working on parsing expression grammars in Brighton, UK. I am a joyful creator and an avid learner, keen on wearing many hats and relentlessly driven by curiosity. I thrive every day to keep gathering knowledge from every source I can, applying it later to the many fields I am interested in, including the design, development, and testing of many different kinds of games and software. I believe in human teams and prefer the term “people” over “human resources”.

Does that sound good for you? Great! Let's get that software done.



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You can find below some of the projects I've been involved recently. If you'd like us to discuss your project or ask anything else don't hesitate to get in touch!


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Mar 0
Mar 0

Amazing Kindly Clipper 0.3

What is this about? Amazing Kindly Clipper is a free tool created to make Amazon Kindle user’s life easier. Essentially, it is a parser that organizes the highlights, notes, and bookmarks from ‘My Clippings.txt’, letting you sort, search and filter your clippings, with exporting capabilities to CSV, TXT and HTML. Available here for Windows. Note: […]

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Sep 1
Sep 1

ToDo++: A Simple ToDo List Color Scheme for Notepad++

Pro note-jotting I used to have a million .txt files with notes all over my desktop and document folders. Thing is, I like to save notes in plain text: it’s easy, simple and useful. Even if I love heavier task management tools there are cases in which it is just too much. Say small projects […]

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