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Hi! I'm a software developer currently working in web development in Brighton, UK. I am a joyful creator and an avid learner, keen on wearing many hats and relentlessly driven by curiosity. I thrive every day to keep gathering knowledge from every source I can, applying it later to the many fields I am interested in, including the design, development, and testing of many different kinds of games and software. I believe in human teams and prefer the term “people” over “human resources”.

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Nov 2
Nov 2

Python For C# Devs I: The Basics

Introduction I’ve always thought of myself as a generalist language-wise. Although my first steps in software development started with Python, I was quickly involved with both C# and JavaScript, and my knowledge of the three languages built up more or less at a similar rate, with the emphasis changing as I took on new opportunities […]

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Aug 4
Aug 4

Aspect-Oriented Programming with Castle Windsor: Isolating Cross-Cutting Concerns

Recently I had the opportunity to refactor a legacy system that urgently needed it. This code, belonging to a massive web service, had many different elements coupled together through a mix of static helpers, independent Unity containers that were resolved on-site (more about this later), and delayed component instantiations, with configuration getters and setters creating a […]

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Feb 1
Feb 1

WTH is WCF: A Beginners’ Tutorial to the Windows Communication Foundation

It is .NET time again! As I have landed a job as a .NET backend developer in the aviation industry (pun sort of unintended) I will not anymore be working with Django on a daily basis (become a contributor perhaps?). However, I will get my hands onto a large stack comprising varied airport solutions and […]

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Dec 9
Dec 9

Amazing Kindly Clipper 1.1 – Web-only update

And here’s the end of the road I am very happy to release this 1.1 update, finally including clipping export for web users! Starting today, you will be able to parse and export your Kindle clippings online and, as usual, completely for free and with total transparency. Upon reaching this milestone I consider AKC’s to […]

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