Last Call is a puzzle and exploration jam game where the player has to discover a distant star system, and learn the language that some different intelligent forms of life speak. It is the first I personally designed too! Last Call was intended as a musical experience and underwent several changes during its development in a game jam, but even if the game tended towards puzzle mechanics the sound is still very important on the experience we tried to represent.

Create a message from the translation runes, and collate the replies of the aliens to understand the language, unveiling the story of a star system in danger. Good luck talking with the five races (each one with its own background and culture), fifteen different words, and the 125 possible combinations. I also produced and programmed a complete remake with Game Maker: Studio featuring new graphics by Firenz, a new interface and improved script.

Last Call Screen1

Play the original game here

Download the Game Maker remake (Windows only).