Released September 2016. Last updated: July 2019.

ToDo++: A Simple ToDo List Color Scheme for Notepad++. Details here.


A Simple ToDo List Color Scheme for Notepad++.

Amazing Kindly Clipper

Released April 2016. Last updated: April 2017.

Amazing Kindly Clipper is a free tool to parse highlights, notes, and bookmarks from your Kindle device (tested for clippings from old models, Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite). The program, available for Windows, read your clippings and creates a data grid letting you sort, search and filter your clippings, and export them to CSV, TXT and HTML. More info and instructions here.

NEW! AKC Web, Amazing Kindly Clipper in your browser.

Amazing Kindly Clipper 1.0 (Installable)
Amazing Kindly Clipper 1.0 (Executable)
Amazing Kindly Clipper Samples


Released January 2016. Last updated: January 2016.

Gather energy to embody different creatures and progress through the inkarmation ritual starting as a primal soul and becoming a rabbit, a wolf, and a hunter. Avoid predation while your incarnation energy is low, and do your best to be eaten by the right creature at the right moment. Wander, grow, die, fulfil the ritual of life. Click on the image to visit the download page


Last Call

Released July 2015. Last updated: August 2015.

Last Call is the post-jam, completely remade version of a #LDJAM puzzle and exploration game where the player has to discover a distant star system, and learn the language that some different intelligent forms of life speak. Create a message from the translation runes, and collate the replies of the aliens to understand the language, unveiling the story of a star system in danger. Good luck talking with the five races (each one with its own background and culture), fifteen different words, and the 125 possible combinations.

Last Call 02


Released January 2017. Last updated: January 2017.

Lead a wandering coin on its swaying journey through the depths. Generate your own current and explore the ocean depths, whirling around its marvellous creatures as you get closer to the bottom of the abyss. Be it a symbol of despair or a token of good luck, you will have to take the coin to the seabed in the depths in order to find out about its meaning.


Fire Tornado!

Released December 2017. Last updated: December 2017.

Fire Tornado is an arcade game: use your tornado gun to drag enemies away, and push them into traps to find your way to the treasures hidden in Critter Island. Spiders and snakes are dangerous, but so is a pack of tornadoes spiralling out of control! Your tornado gun will help you keep the monsters at bay, but handle your tornadoes with care. Created for LD40 themed “the more you have, the worse it is”.

fire tornado

Revolution Will Be Streamed

Released March 2019. Last updated: March 2019.

Revolution Will Be Streamed is a turn-based strategy game in which players can win by the means of military or propagandistic victories. Unleash the force of your Military upon your rival or use your Warstreamers to change the masses’ perception of your struggle. By the end of the day war is no big deal, as it isn’t truth: you couldn’t crush your enemy? Spin and sell the story with your warstreamers.

Each army is comprised of two kind of units, soldiers of several types (each with their own stats and unique skills) and warstreamers. While soldiers can fight each other, the military incapable Warstreamers can both alter soldiers behaviour in battle and perform propaganda actions of their own. The decision is yours: outfight or outmaneuver!

Revolution Will Be Streamed 0.2 (Windows)

Revolution Will Be Streamed 0.2. Multiplayer prototype (no sound, open source placeholder art).

Base UI by Unity.
Base tileset by Jerom and Eiyeron.