Here we go again. Hello, potential reader, and welcome to this handful of annotations. You might be wondering what’s the point of having a blog at this stage of the interwebs, as I certainly did quite some time ago, prior to shutting the virtual doors of a personal space not very different to this one. Thing is, I like writing. That should be reason enough, of course; you need no goal to write and enjoy the very pleasure of the mental drift in it. Say, enjoy wandering on its own.

You might argue —and you would be absolutely right— that, with that goal in mind, I could just leave the products (sub-products?) of said activity in the intimacy of a folder in my computer. But even taking into account the humongous quantities of content out there, I am pretty sure that there’s a chance that you can share a passion for some among the many topics that I pretend to cover here. Perhaps, you are as well a non-native English speaker willing to practice your reading and writing skills. Or a game developer looking for some design insights, or a programmer stuck with that silly pattern (hint: probably it’s not that silly, it is us the culprits). Or you are a storyteller, or a friend or acquaintance curious about what yours truly has to say. In any of those events and regardless of how you got here, please be welcome.

For my convenience (and probably. yours) comments are disabled, perhaps permanently. Anything you’d like to share, do feel free to reach me out on Twitter. About this blog being born today, please don’t expect it to have regular entries, nor to get very personal. That’s not what it is intended for. By the end of the day, few faraway connections are as strong and intimate as the one formed by a writer and a reader, aren’t they? Let’s make our interests speak for us, then.