A playable prototype is here!

I’m very excited about finally sharing a playable bit of a project that I have been tinkering with for ages, and I really hope you try it and find something interesting about it despite its lack of polish. Get it here!

Revolution Will Be Streamed 0.2 (Windows)

Revolution Will Be Streamed 0.2. Multiplayer prototype (no sound, open source placeholder art).

Base UI by Unity.
Base tileset by Jerom and Eiyeron.

In order have a look a the controls, just pick New Game -> How to Play, and the rest should be fairly straightforward. You can play either sharing mouse and keyboard between two players, using one controller and mouse/keyboard or using two controllers. The game has generic controllers configured and every major controller out there should work, but it has specifically been tested with X360 controllers.

That said, let’s talk about the future of Revolution Will Be Streamed, shall we?

The bad news

In a nutshell, I’ve been unable to gather support and bring more people to help me do the non-coding work that a game has, and it is loads. It’s not even remotely possible I could ever get it done on my self-imposed deadline of 31st December 2019 (which to start with had to be self-imposed in order to prevent the game’s development from indefinitely dragging itself forward). I’ve been honored to have the help and talent of several contributors at specific times, but unfortunately none of them could commit to working on the long run.

Realistically, both art and sound are exactly in the same place they were more than three years ago. Writing and world building is still a concept. AI is in such a naive and basic state that we could consider it non-existent. I would be more than happy to get my hands into any of these areas of the game as the relentless dilettante that I am, but there is SO MUCH to do. And as importantly, it completely misses the aim of creating a game as a team (what I intended initially) which as stated hasn’t been the case.

All of the work done in Revo (which I’d say adds up to the thousands of hours) has been carried out on my free time, after many hours of coding in an already demanding day job in engineering. This effort resulted in this simplified prototype, but what about a single player mode, you could say? That’d require me sitting down and creating the AI from scratch, which again would take hundreds of hours. At the moment I’m learning some principles of AI out of pure interest, but hey, that other thing… what about music and sound design? My background includes a bit of music here and there, but I’m no musician. And the game’s art? As of late, I’ve been trying to get a thing or two done within the visual arts realm, but one of the reasons I’m enjoying it so much is that I’m doing so away from the computer, so you can see where this would go if I also become Revo’s “artist”.

In essence, there’s no way I can handle all of that on my own and on time, plus no matter how much effort I put into this chances are it would be in isolation. I understand that wanting to put such amount of effort for the sake of it (i.e. getting no remuneration, publishing the game for free) is not very attractive to most people, and that’s alright and respectable as well.

To sum up, seeing this incompatibility and trying to make a decision of what’s ahead instead of what’s behind, the answer to the riddle appears to be rather simple. If it turns out that this is simply not what I want to do anymore and the sole purpose to do it was doing so for the sake of enjoying it, it should stop. And hence the development of Revolution Will Be Streamed will come to an end. Whether I get back to it in the future remains to be seen, but at the moment we are safe to consider Revolution Will Be Streamed as a completed project, released as a basic, multiplayer gameplay demo.

The good news

And still, I regret nothing. There are many reasons to be proud of this prototype, and I indeed am. I think that even in its current situation the game addresses the main points I wanted to explore, pursuing different codes and different ways of playing turn-based strategy. I’m pretty sure that should we have the opportunity to define the game artistically rather than technically, the mood would fit extremely well. And technically speaking, this game has been a great way to build more solid skills in Unity 3D. In fact, it’s been inspiring seeing how much the engine has changed along this time, especially regarding 2D workflows! Using Tiled has been great, but it’s even better to see native 2D becoming better and better natively, empowering developers of 2D games.

The end, or the intermission

This remains an incredibly important project to me and I am glad I did it, especially considering the direction that the games industry is taking, both creatively and as a business. In a zeitgeist dominated by battle royales and with “pay per minute” schemes getting closer by the day, every move to push games in a different direction should be welcome. I don’t know when or whether I’ll be able to start a new game project, but I will make sure to take Revo’s lessons for it if and when it happens. And anyway, I feel the most interesting, the most beautiful and intriguing and exciting and mind-blowing games are always created by people that drag inspiration from experiences other than the games microverse itself, so who knows in which ways I can start to see if I let some distance be.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone that has helped with the game. You are all awesome, and it’s been great to share this project with you. Thank you all, keep creating!