Kristoffer Jetmundsen and Martin Kvale are two close friends who share the same passion for game development and are working together on the upcoming puzzle platformer Little Big Mansion. The game will be coming out on Steam this April, so we took the opportunity to ask them questions about its humble game jam origins, how the idea of switching the size of objects came about, and why they decided to turn the prototype of Little Big Mansion into a full game.

Thanks again for dedicating some of your time to us. Let us begin this interview with a brief self-explanation of who you are and what you do.

Kris: My name is Kristoffer Jetmundsen. I’m an indie developer who mostly works with html5 games, and I have a strong preference for making games based around strong main mechanics. I work mostly with 2D pixel art games, having grown up with NES and SNES as my two favourite consoles. I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades, doing design, programming and graphics by myself on most projects, but I’m open to collaborations as well. Martin Kvale is my sound and music guy!

Martin: My name is Martin Kvale. I work as a audio guy and composer for various indies. Besides Little Big Mansion I’ve worked with Krillbite on The Plan and Among The Sleep, as well as Rain-Games’ Teslagrad. (…) Read the whole interview